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Hey man .

I feel your arduous hardwork, and sweat you put into this . I am not exactly one who is into heavy metal per say, maybe it's because heavy metal took like 5 billion people away from true music, when all music should be accepted not of it's genre but for what it is .. Songs aren't items, they are worlds presented by another . People need to stop being selfish and actually see the hardwork, and pain people push through to compose their song hours on end like I do .. It's good, I liked it . The vocals .. >> Well, you could work on it, I give you great respect for even using your vocals . Since alot of humans tend to be self conscious about things they shouldn't be . So all I can say . SHOW THAT SPIRIT IN YOU ! =D Be yourself, and ascend . Don't worry about what anyone else thinks . It's very strong, the lyrics are strong . You got something here, I can feel it . Keep at it . =D 4/5 9/10
- Sleeping Guardian

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

I like your speech on the genres. But I have to say, you're right, but although there's emotion behind rap, I can't accept it as music, and Country music just bothers me. A few others genres are just too simplistic for me to enjoy, no matter how hard I try to (although there is the occasional song)
And 5 billion is nearly the entire world's population. That's alot of people converted to Metal considering how many people like club music :P
Anyways, thanks very much for the pep talk, it's very rare to find stuff like that on NG where most reviews are useless good, useless bad or pure critiquing.
Because of that, I'll be more devoted to working on my vocals and becoming a better clean vocalist. Thank you!

I like your style . ^^

This is pretty awesome, very funky indeed . I liked it, could of added more effects to give it that amazing funky atmosphere, you have all the instruments, the sound, structure, now you have to add the cherry ontop man . Some may disagree, but if you listen closely, through all your epic funkyness, you CAN fit something behind all that to finally throw you back into funky town . =P Great man . 9/10 4/5
- Sleeping Guardian

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